The Moon 101 - Understanding its Feminine Value

Photo by  Sara Chicconi

Photo by Sara Chicconi

Edited by Cristina Hure & Written by Fiona Ham

Only those who have experienced a women’s circle before can understand that powerful uniting feeling and the warm embrace that leaves a lasting impression on those who have lived through the magic. July 27th, 2018 marked the day of the Buck Moon. If this day holds any significance to you, you may remember where you were and what you were up to may not. In my case, I was lucky enough to have been part of a group of 15 women at the top of the Ahau Tower in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Led by Abril Cortés, this date marked the first day I experienced a Full Moon Women’s Circle. At the time, my knowledge around the ritual was quite limited, but my heart and mind were open to receiving more. As the sun was setting on the jungle side of the tower, the moon was rising on the other ocean side. We held hands, we cried and in all of our respective languages, shared deep and personal thoughts with one another. Who were these women? Goddesses! Yes, goddesses, each and every one of them different but with the same goal: to feel united with other women - a phenomenon that we seem to have difficulty achieving regularly, let alone on a daily basis.

I have no photographic evidence of this experience. I can only draw from memory, the thoughts and feelings experienced up on that tower. As the ceremony progressed, cacao was shared as a traditional symbol of the Mayan culture and far in the distance, an eagle was soaring. At the time, I didn’t quite grasp the meaning of it. But deep down in my core, I knew it had significance. Simple research provided me with a clear understanding of its meaning: often associated with strength and agility, the eagle is a symbol of the Sun and a representation of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war. Female power in Aztec and Mayan research is debatable and therefore, Huitzilopochtli’s gender is questioned. I like to believe that she was a woman, “a powerful sorceress, having possessed the power and the shape of an eagle”. It all makes sense when looking at the facts. The fifteen women were gathered together on the top of a tower, channelling their feminine energy to be able to welcome masculine energy, to share Abril’s words.

A few weeks ago, I thought to myself: this is the time to better understand my inner goddess. Going back to my memory of the Buck Moon Women’s Circle, I remembered that what was explained is that the reason women celebrate the moon was closely tied to our menstrual cycle, in other words, our Moon cycle. So I went on Amazon and ordered the Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with your Inner Goddess by Simone Butler. In Simone’s words “Luna is a soul mate for women – reflecting back to us our deep, natural intuitive qualities”. “The Moon, our “Cosmic Mama” honours our feminine souls and is the access point to the core of creation,” continues Butler. Reading her words made me feel inspired. She writes that “where the Moon was located on the day you were born shows your emotional nature and what makes you feel secure”. I have always tried to better understand my behaviour, which in my case is always triggered by my emotions. Emotions are intangible and as we all know, one morning you wake up feeling alive and the other not so much. Sometimes we blame it on the weather. Living in a country like Canada, for instance, gives me a good reason to feel sorry for myself when the sun isn’t shining for ten days, the sky and the streets are perma-grey, and the temperature is either wet-cold, dry-cold or simply cold. My body doesn’t want to behave in an energetic way. My drive is low and my desire to stay home wrapped up in a quilt is high. Three weeks later, I’m not too convinced I can still blame it on the weather. Where do I turn for an explanation? I have gotten plenty of sleep, I have been eating healthy and I have kept my living environment clean. I turned to the Moon.

I looked to the words shared by Simone. I picked up her book and asked my mother to confirm the time of my birth. There it was, my answer. I found out that despite the fact that I am a Gemini, my Moon sign is Cancer. I flipped to page seventy-three and started reading. The Full Moon Ritual associated with the Cancer Moon sign is A Nurturing Feast and my Ancient Cancer Moon Goddess is Isis the Divine Mother. Taking Simone’s words “In our attempt to be all things to all people, women have become pretty darn good at giving. Receiving is a feminine art that’s fallen out of fashion.” It rang a bell. Could my fatigue be related to my natural behaviour of giving to the people that I love and perhaps to individuals who actually have no business in receiving anything from me whatsoever? Having suffered from stomach issues for the past eighteen months and reading that Cancer rules the stomach, I thought this is it. I spent all this time battling acne on my cheek and neck which I have never had in my life. I stopped taking the pill a while back and couldn’t link the cause of my acne to it anymore. Over a long period of time, I tried juicing, pre-biotic, pro-biotic, zinc, magnesium, Actumus, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C tablets, Changa mushrooms, a diet free of alcohol, fruits, refined sugars, eggs, meat, dairy, acupuncture, stomach massages, spending a month in Tulum, Canadian bitter, aloe vera, turmeric and so on. The day I closed the chapter on any activities in my life that kept giving me anxiety and introduced daily Canadian Bitter, Aloe Vera Gel and Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick magic the acne was gone.

Referring to Simone, having the Moon in Cancer makes me a nurturer and gives me the need to feel emotionally secure. I’ve always been extremely sensitive by nature. I have always thought it to be something my mother had passed on to me but it turns out that Simone was right. My lunar superpower is that of being “ultra-sensitive and empathetic toward all creation, being up one day and down the next day”. I do believe that our body holds on to all of the thoughts and energies that flow through us and around us. My nature (lunar shadow) makes me take things personally. That isn’t the best quality to have in a professional setting, I was told many times, but how am I supposed to work on changing something that is natural, that is part of me? After many experiences that have left me felt hurt on a personal level, I came to the conclusion that if I can’t change my nature, I can at least control the environment in which I put myself in. Some people like to say that they can’t afford to do that and that it is a luxury, but honestly, how can we believe that being healthy, that finding balance in the mental and physical state a luxury? Our body is our vehicle and if our vehicle isn't working properly how are we supposed to feel safe? My Moon “craves security and comfort” continues Butler and that is definitely reflected in my behaviour.

I can’t say if acknowledging the learnings of this book six months ago would have given me the same insights, but I can say today that I feel reassured by the knowledge I have gathered from Simone’s work.