Let’s Get Started

We believe that the purpose of a bachelorette party is to bring women closer together and create meaningful moments. For this reason our focus is on offering unique bonding bachelorette party activities.


How we do

Maid of Honor, we work with you on any aspect of the bachelorette party planning process by offering solutions that helps you determine when, where and how to organize your bachelorette party.

Research, that’s our thing. We take over the communications from your accommodations, transportation, logistics, dining reservations, activities, party favors, bachelorette party swag, and decor.

The value of our service is in the relationships that we have built with our partners. This is your ultimate women getaway weekend. We curate your bachelorette party to match your expectations.


Our Offer

Let’s be real, The Perfect Bachelorette Party is a solution for everyone. The Perfect Bachelorette Party is available as a single activity, half-day celebration, full-day event and weekend getaway. We also bring to you professional services like photography, beauty (make-up, nails and hair) and more.

Bachelorette Party Itinerary - organize your bachelorette party travel information

Bachelorette Party Bookings - provide confirmation and contact names for your chosen accommodations, transportation, activities and dining.

Bachelorette Party On-Call Planner - assist with last minute request and concerns during your bachelorette party.


How much does the Perfect Bachelorette Party cost?

You tell us! A stress-free bachelorette party starts with the Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party Questionnaire. Within two weeks, we have gathered all of the information you need to get your bachelorette party started. Your bachelorette party budget is how much it cost to plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party.

Your Bachelorette Party Budget will determine how we move forward. We know that paying everything up front and chasing down girls for money is challenging and we are prepared to help you collect from all of your bachelorette party attendees.

Our payment process is easy. We begin when we have received your preliminary guest list and payment for the Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party Solution. Once we have collected the questionnaire answers we can begin the planning. A non-refundable deposit will be required to book your activities. Once you have collected each bachelorette party attendees payments we will contact you for the last payment.

All final payments will not be collected until 15 days prior to your travel date. Then you're all ready to party!